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Name:Commander Shepard

Spacer | War Hero | Infiltrator | Paragon

Lieutenant Commander Shepard, Riley
N7 #5923-AC-2826
Spectre Status: Active
  • MASS EFFECT 1: saved ashley, saved wrex, saved the council, selected anderson as council representative, saved the rachni queen, let zhu's hope asari go

  • MASS EFFECT 2: killed morinth, kal'reegar saved, tali was not exiled, encouraged peace with the geth and the quarians, kept genophage data, rewrite virus applied to heretic geth, all crew members loyal, all survived omega 4 relay

  • MASS EFFECT 3: cured genophage, peace between quarians and geth, allowed diana allers aboard, encouraged ashley to become a spectre, bakara survived tuchanka, destroyed the reapers and lived

PERSONALITY: sarcastic, protective, selfless
SQUAD: garrus and wrex [ME1], garrus and miranda [ME2], garrus and liara [ME3]
ROMANCED: miranda lawson
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